Manila 2017 ⋅ Booth Highlights

03.Calbee-Universal Robina Corporation

3dsense Media School

Booth No. J21

3dsense Media School is a pioneering digital arts school, preparing students for careers in the media and entertainment industry for over 12 years. Dedicated to providing a real-world edication, 3dsense aims to mold the next generation of elite digital artists and designers for the global industry. Graduates from our school have been gainfully employed in the biggest media and entertainment studios globally, from Oscar-winning feature films to AAA games.

Ranked by the prestigious Rookies (formally the 'Autodesk CG Student Awards) as the no.2 school of the year for Digital Illustration and no.4 school of the year for Next Gen Games.

4U2C Lenses

Booth No. J18

The 4U2C Diamond Contact Lens is a company who has grown exceptionally in providing extraordinary beauty for year. We only carry FDA approved cosmetic contact lenses with excellent quality, making us a trusted and renowned online retail shop. We are DEDICATED TO BRING THE MOST fashionale and trendiest contact lenses at affordable prices.


Booth No. K23

Saving Sally is a tiny little film about love and monsters. It was built by a core group of 5 underfunded animators that worked on it for nearly 12 years, resulting in a quirky mix of cartoons, painted backgrounds and actors. It is a very simple love story that aims to make your heart flutter and glow!

Anotoys Collectibles

Booth No. D16

Big Boys Toys Store

Booth No. K21

From action figures to collectibles, classtic to trending, geek out with Big Boys Toys Store. Big Boys Toys Store, adding sumo-sized fun to collecting

Binalot Fiesta Foods Inc

Booth No. FV5

Coined from the Filipino word which means “wrapped”, Binalot is just that – classic Filipino fare wrapped in banana leaves in traditional local fashion. The Binalot menu is composed of various favorite meals such as adobo, tapa, bistek, tocino, longganisa among others, all atop steaming hot rice and garnished with appetizing sidings of salted egg and tomato. The concept promotes the traditional way of enjoying well-loved Pinoy food and a festive Fiesta ambiance that every Filipino can associate with.

Calbee-Universal Robina Corporation

Booth No. H19

Go “konnichi-woah” with Potato Pros, Jack ’N Jill Calbee! We take simple, high quality potatoes and turn them into the most creative and imaginative snacks that will make you crave for more, such as the newest and mouth-watering Potato Chips, Honey Butter!


Booth No. I6

Experience the rich heritage of Chevrolet and visit the 'Chevy Central' on August 25-27 2017. Visit our booth and check out our newest models - 2017 Spark and 2017 Trax. Take the virtual test drie with the all-new Chevrolet Trax and get the best out of your Chevrolet at the Chevrolet Connection Center.

Cignal TV

Booth No. D6

Cignal, the country’ fastest growing premier pay TV provider is now with almost 1.7 million subscribers nationwide. Committed to giving you the best TV viewing experience straight to your homes, bringing you closer to your favourite TV shows and characters.

With Cignal, you get high quality entertainment with stunning picture quality, Dolby surround sound technology and a premium selection of HD channels.

Comic Odyssey

Booth No. L24

Comic Odyssey is the Philippines’ premier comic shop. We carry the most extensive selection of comics, back issues, graphic novels, and trade paperbacks. We are very active in the comics community and also host the best comic events and creator signings in the country.


Booth No. E16

Cross is a global luxury writing instruments brand renowned for its distinctive style and superior quality. Cross fine writing instruments have long been symbols of success and achievement, and no longer serve as simply functional writing instruments. Cross is exclusively distributed here in the Philippines by Newtrends International Corporation

D’Famous Red Box

Booth No. FV3

Polland Hopia was born in 1966 as a small store at Nueva, Binodo, Manila. With a recipe imported straight from Amoy, China, Polland was among the first to introduce Filipinos to authentic Chinese pastries. From its humble beginnings, Polland has now expanded into other parts of the country. It remains committed, however, to produce authentic Chinese Hopia for the discerning Filippino taste.

Enchanted Kingdom

Booth No. K12

Enchanted Kingdom opened to the public on October 19, 1995. Now on its 22nd year, EK remains as the only world-class theme park in the Philippines that boasts of rides and attractions located within seven meticulously theme zones interspersed with food and merchandise outlets and kiosks as well as various game stands. Enchanted Kingdom is also a choice venue for Personal Milestones, such as themed birthdays, weddings, and debuts.


Booth No. H12-I12

Filbar's is the Philippines' premier retail destination for pop culture goodness! It offers an ever expansive selection of comics, magazines, toys and collectibles that are produced by the top entertainment companies in the world.

Finden Technologies Inc (Devant TV)

Booth No. I28

Make your 7:30 PM a TV bonding night by watching your favorite shows with Devant’s Big Screen TVs. Devant changing lives in a big way.


Booth No. K6

FOX+ is the new video streaming platform where you can watch award-winning Hollywood movies, can’t-miss TV series, Inspiring documentaries, and thrilling live sports on any device, anytime, anywhere. Catch X-Men : Apocalypse, Twin Peaks, and the biggest live sporting events now when you download the FOX+ app.

Frontier Gadget Inc

Booth No. H6

We are Ekonic, a hero lifestyle brand that creates iconic functional collectibles that lets fans like us connect with our favourite icons - The icons that we relate to or aspire to be. This is Ekonic. Fun. Functional. Iconic.

Fully Booked

Booth No. J12

Established in 2003, Fully Booked opened its first branch in Rockwell and has grown to over 17 branches nationwide. Known for its comprehensive selection of books under every interest, the store’s signature ambiance has also become a haven for thought tinkerers and readers alike. With over a hundred thousand titles, it has captured the loyalty of book lovers of all ages.

Giordano Philippines

Booth No. I18

Giordano is a casual apparel line catering to men, women and children. The brand aims to provide essential and timeless fashion for all; and to develop apparel for everyone regardless of ethnicity, nationality or culture.

HalloHallo Entertainment Inc.

Booth No. H21

HallohalloEntertainment Inc. is the official Philippine franchise holder of AKB48, Japan's most popular JPopgroup with sister-groups in Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand. The company’s mission is to seek, train, produce, professionally manage world-class content and talents for all platforms of media –television, print, stage, recording, film, online.

Hobbiestock Collectibles Corp

Booth No. E12

Hobbiestock Collectibles is an upscale Hobby Store that has been in the market since 2007. We offer a wide variety of collection. From diecast cars, airplanes, military, movie figures & more. We provide rare collections at affordable prices.


Booth No. C12

HOOQ is a gateway to a world of unlimited entertainment. With just one app, you can stream, download and enjoy thousands of Hollywood, Pinoy, as well as anime movies and TV series from your phone, laptop or tablet. Sign up for a free trial at and download the app at the Google Play or Apple App store.


Booth No. J22

InkInk Collectibles focuses selling art prints/books and works of original art. InkInk works with artist all around the globe to create high quality art prints/books and engages in preparing art shows that have a mix of art prints and original art for sale to the public.


Booth No. J24

KikoToys is a specialty toy shop selling pop culture vinyl toys and anime figures. We provide hard to find collection pieces as well as exclusive subscription box items. KikoToys started as an online business in August 2015, and have now opened our physical store at Shoppesville Plus, Greenhills, last April 2017. Great fins, good selection and fair price, we thrive to provide bang for the buck deals. KikoToys takes pride in our mission to help our customers with their collection needs.


Booth No. B8

The Warden knows his toys. Widest selection of Funko Pop! Marvel and Star Wars collectibles in the Philippines. Visit our stores or our website at

LeMoon and Bigg Rigg Sharwarma

Booth No. FV1-FV2

Lemoon offers freshly squeezed lemonade while Bigg Rigg offers the Ultimate Shawarma experience. Stay Fresh! Stay Thirsty! Stay Hungry! See you only at AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2017!

Ludus Distributors

Booth No. D12

Established in 2014, Ludus Distributors is the largest local distributor of table top games and accessories in the Philippines. The company distributes popualr gaming brands such as Wizkids (Heroclix), Fantasy Flight Games (A Game of Thrones Card Game), Games Workshop (Warhammer Minatures) and Wizards of the Coast (Magic: The Gathering).

Magic: The Gathering

Booth No. E6-F6

Wizards of the Coast brings you Magic: The Gathering brand into Asia Pop Comic Con. Magic: The Gathering® is the world’s best strategy trading card game with more than 20 million fans and players worldwide. Beyond the trading card game, the franchise has extended onto digital platforms including Magic: The Gathering Online® for PC.

Mary Kay

Booth No. I27

A company with a heart. Mary Kay has grown to be a multibillion-dollar global cosmetics company with more than 3 million Independent Beauty Consultants in more than 35 markets worldwide. It originated in Dallas Texas, USA. Mary Kay Ash started to build her dream company carrying the mission of Enriching Peoples Lives since 1963. It is one of the top 5 skincare brands globally and is also one of the top 10 brands in cosmetics

Mega Mix Food Corp (The Big 1)

Booth No. FV11

Bubble Tea that has only 1 size the big size (1000cc). The Tea shop that uses Real Tea, Real Milk and Real Lemons!

Midnight Bite Pizzeria Corporation

Booth No. FV9

MIDNIGHT BITE PIZZERIA is fuelled with its craving to bring Manila innovation in food and taste. With an array of flavors, MIDNIGHT BITE introduced innovation to our all-time favorite PIZZA with its new form, a CONE. With the PIZZA CONE, as we would love to call it, toppings get meatier and cheesier now that it can have a lot more in store.

Mighty Jaxx

Booth No. J16

Based in Singapore, Mighty Jaxx is an award winning design studio specializing in developing art collectibles. Since our inception 2012, we have collaborated with world renowned artists and international brands like DC Comics, Cartoon Network, MTV, New Balance and more, to design and produce countless unique creations for collectors across the globe.

Netflix Pte Ltd

Booth No. L6-M6

Netflix makes it easy for people to find their next favorite series or film – even if it’s something they’d never expect. While it doesn’t take a kapow or a cape to tune in, Netflix does have a superpower of its own, connecting one thing to another.

Connections from show to show are created through things like similar characters and plot points that come to life in recommendations for you, rather than genre stereotypes. What do Orange, Riverdale and Stranger Things Have in common….each other? Each show leads to the next.

Please meet Netflix's first appearance at AsiaPOP Comicon Manila. Netflix brings the show worlds to life with immersive zones for you to discover some of the beloved shows by Filipinos.

Some highlights from each of the zones:
- Stranger Things: New to Mysterious Circumstance? Enjoy recreation of key sets (Byers' Living Room, Hawkins Lab and Upside Down) with real set props and photo opportunity.
- Orange is The New Black: Transform into your favorite characters with eyeliner tutorials, DIY duct-tape slippers and photo opportunities to create your own Life of crime mugshots.
- Death Note: interactive VR experience allowing you to be the Death Note owner.
- Riverdale: Love a good whodunnit? If you found yourself bingeing to solve the mysteries led by stellar teen casts, then Riverdale may just be your favorite new show. Recreate Pop's diner with photo opportunities to pose with your favorite Riverdale characters, enjoy a milkshake and check your Riverdale IQ with our trivia Jukebox.
- Marvel’s The Defenders: Bring the Marvel Universe to Life by experiencing the recreation of The Defenders New York street set. Step into Josie's Hell's Kitchen, The Minimart, Chinatown Gift Shop or Pop's Barber Shop and be ready for another surprise.

New Era Cap Philippines

Booth No. I18

New Era is an international lifestyle brand with an authentic sports heritage that dates back over 90 years. Get yourself a swanky cap at AsiaPOP Comicon today!

NYX Professional Makeup

Booth No. K18

NYX Professional Makeup shares with all makeup enthisiasts the passion for makeup artistry and enable them through the most complete line of affordable makeup products, colours and tools to become a makeup artist for themselves

Omen by HP

Booth No. C20

HP's gamer-centric line of laptops and desktops with professional-grade accessories, innovative new form factors, and cutting-edge hardware that allow the new era of gamers to dominate the game

Perry In Disguise Clothing

Booth No. K17

Perry in Disguise is a fan based clothing line founded by two hobbyists who are gamers, avid fans of anime, movies, TV shows and other related pop culture. P.I.D. mainly offers hand designed and handmade hoodies inspired from various fandoms that are a mixture of cosplay and casual, allowing you to experience and satisfy your fandom cravings! The business caters online and is present in most of the main local pop culture conventions in Manila.


Booth No. C16

The 501st Legion is a world-wide, all-volunteer organization formed for the express purpose of bringing together costume enthusiasts under a collective identity within which to operate. The Legion seeks to promote interest in Star Wars through the building and wearing of quality costumes as well as contributions to the community through costumed charity and volunteer work.


Booth No. K5

Predator Philippines will be giving away the Predator Goddess, Kim Domingo posters when participants hit ‘like’ on the Predator Facebook page.

Pockets Fulla Pillz

Booth No. I24

Pockets Fulla Pillz started as an art collective but organically organized into a new and innovative type of comic book studio for the millennial and the young at heart comprised of 4 artists and 1 writer and stellar supporting team. Pfp has defied conventions and set the manila underground ablaze.

Red Monster

Booth No. C21

Red monster shop + cafe is a fandom portal serving you collectibles from popular anime, jpop, kpop, tv dramas, and movies. A merchandise store now integrated with a japanese-korean themed coffee shop located at the busy foodie street of Maginhawa, Quezon City. Figures, plushies, keychains, mobile straps, albums and official posters can all be found at the store.

Richprime Global

Booth No. H10

Exclusive distributor of Mattel-Justice League Movie toys & Hot Wheels.

Sky Cable Corporation

Booth No. G6

SKY Cable Corporation is a leading cable and broadband technology provider in the Philippines; offering an array of innovative and pioneering products with rich content delivered on various platforms. Its products are a showcase of top-of-mind choices among Filippinos. SKYCable is known for its top-notch programming. SKYCable is a subsidiary of ABS-CBN, the Philippines' leading media and entertainment company.


Booth No. --

Superjay Food Ventures Inc

Booth No. FV8


Booth No. J15

tokidoki means “sometimes” in Japanese. Legno, who has always had a deep love for Japan and fascination with world cultures, chose the word because he feels “everyone waits for moments that change one’s destiny, by chance or by meeting a new person”. Simone’s special moment arrived when his designs drew attention for entrepreneurs Pooneh Mohajer and Ivan Arnold, who spied the art on his personal website and convinced him to move to L.A. to start up a dynamic new partnership with them.

For more information, please visit the tokidoki flagship store in Los Angeles, CA or online at

TV 5

Booth No. C6

TV5 Network Inc. (formerly ABC Development Corporation), the television arm of MediaQuest Holdings Inc., is a company engaged in television and radio broadcasting, program production for local and international audiences, and other related businesses. It operates TV5, a free-to-air TV channel with its main studio and transmitter located in Quezon City. TV5 Network Inc. sells and markets commercial airtime and other opportunities to local and international brands through Media5 Marketing Corporation.

Victoria Court

Booth No. B6

Victoria Court is the Philippines’ leading motel chain. Known for pushing the boundaries with tech and innovation in each of their themed rooms, Victoria Court is sure to tickle the fancy of every fan boy and fan girl out there. Victoria Court… we just might surprise you.

Waffles & Soda Corporation

Booth No. FV10

PureFoods-Hormel Co., Inc. concessionaire since 1978. Sells hotdog on stick, sandwiches, corndogs, waffle hotdogs/cheese, buco/jelly juice, canned soda & pet bottle juices. Joined motor shows, bazaars, cosplays, food expo and other special events in known venues such as SMX Convetion Center, World Trade Center and SM Megatrade Hall.


Booth No. B12

WaycoolGeekPH is back at APCC to bring you the latest and hottest collectibles in the country! Come check us out as we showcase not just our extensive Funko product line but also popular collectible brands like SH Figuarts, Neca and Iron Studios.

Take a trip down memory lane once again as we display our collection of officially licensed trading cards dating back to the 90's then see how it evolved to its present form. Visit. Stay. Hang around. Have fun. Feast your eyes on a showcase extravaganza of everything pop culture and nostalgia.

We do not only bring the ""GEEK"" to APCC but we bring the ""COOL"" as well.

White Merak Comics Pte Ltd

Booth No. H27

White Merak Comics Studio is here to present our traditional and breakthrough concept of comics and is an android app which presents Myanmar’s own created comics attractive with animations in panel by panel reading mode. We have wide range of comic genres from Fantasy manga to thrilling horror or Superhero.

Zagu Foods Corporation

Booth No. FV4

Zagu Foods Corporation is a company behind the ever refreshing drink named “Zagu”. We provide irresistibly different shakes that guarantee the satisfaction of our customers at a reasonable price. We are already serving refreshing drinks for 17 years and still innovating products to meet the standards of all generations of our customers.

Creative Circle (CC), formally knowns as Artist Alley,
is a platform for all amateurs and promising comic artists, toy designers and creative minds to showcase their own creations and works. The CC provides a perfect platform for a variety of handmade creations for sale, including original artwork, prints, crafts, apparel, comics, toys and much more. Whether you want to find your favorite artist's booth or just browse through the tables, the Creative Circle (CC) is a great place to see the talent and creativity of the pop culture fan community.