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Serena Kozuki

Serena Kozuki

Serena Kozuki is a “power pop” solo Japanese Idol best known for the song “Shake the DiCE” which is the ending song of OVA 4 / 2016 (“No need for Tenchi”), of “Tenchi Muyo! Ryo Ohki”, a popular Japanese Anime, light novel and manga franchise. “Tenchi Muyo!” first aired in Toonami in 1992 and has cult following around the world.

Serena as an Idol, has a vast range of performing styles. She can be sweet and girly, rock-hard livewire or hauntingly emotional -- the very reason why youthsource, under Tower Records signed her up, noticing her potential.

Onstage, she is called as the “Live monster”, tirelessly performing in over 200 live shows in a year. She first made her debut performance in April 2014 under Rednose Corporation.

Serena has her own radio show in fm fuji, did 2 movie appearances in “Yume Haruka” and Jyourei tante”.

Born on July 1, 1999 from Nagano Prefecture, Serena is only 18 years old and has credits of several singles over the last couple of years.

Some of Serena’s singles are the following:

  1. Shake the DiCE
  2. Diasuki Switch
  3. Saikyo Melody
  4. High Tension Girl
  5. nerve (cover)
  6. Kokuhaku Three Count
  7. Hajimete no Chuu (cover)
  8. Night Jungle War
  9. Onaji sora no shita de
  10. Kamatte datte!
  11. Tenchimuyou!
  12. Shake the DiCE