Manila 2018 . Comic Artists

Whilce Portacio

Fil-Am comicbook veteran Whilce Portacio, also popularly known as Bishop creator (of X-Men) broke into the comics industry inking Marvel classic Longshot in 1985. Then penciled The Punisher in 1988. In 1990, Portacio's artwork headlined The Uncanny X-Men and X Factor. Portacio's other works include Heroes Reborn: Iron Man, Wetworks, X Force, Batman Confidential,Authority, Stormwatch, Hulk, Journey Into Mystery.

To date, Whilce has returned working independently for Image, Marvel and DC. He did Spawn, Artifacts, Hulk, Journey Into Mystery, Uncanny X Men and graced various Marvel covers and has launched his new creator-owned book called Non-Humans for Image with Glen Brunswick (writer of new Line Cinema's Frequency) and a new scifi book from this team is due this year.